Cashllama is the result of a worldwide-patented dehairing process of llamas, making it a completely unique and incredibly soft textile.

One factory in the highest peaks of the Andes developed this method of removing all of the course outer layers of llama fleece and leaving only the soft, long strand inner layers.

It is this soft inner layer that contains the softness, strength and thermal qualities unique to llamas and other camelids.

This new and sustainable textile is:

  • As soft as Cashmere
  • Warmer than wool and Cashmere because of its hollow fiber
  • Less likely to pill than just about any other textile
  • Not likely to shrink
  • Hypo-allergenic and 100% natural

The fibers can be dyed, although this is not always necessary. Llama and alpaca offer 17 natural colours, which is more than any other animal.

The entire process is ecologically sound and environmentally friendly. From the llama, to the hands of local Bolivians who work with it, and finally to the homes of the people who have felt the end product and understand its beauty, the dehairing process is ecological, organic, and creates luxury items from a natural source.

Cascada Eco Textiles offers a stunning range of homewares, baby ware and accessories in its Cashllama 2012 Collection.